Our range of high visibility In Case of Emergency products have been designed with simplicity in mind to offer a complete ‘peace of mind’ solution. They are ideal for anyone with medical conditions or allergies and for those living alone, motorists, cyclists, overseas visitors, sportsmen and women; on land and at sea. The range is the first high visibility, language specific ICE ID system that alerts first responders to your:

  • Medical conditions and allergies
  • Prescribed medicines
  • Blood type
  • Organ donor status
  • Communication needs – Foreign languages, BSL, limited or no speech
  • Veotoes – Advanced decisions, living wills etc
  • Two ICE contacts
  • Doctors contact details
  • Your name and postcode

Your ICE ID card only contains the essential information that first responders need to be able to assist you. Details that could be used to enable identity theft, such as date of birth, address etc are not included.

We are a for profit company with a social mission, donating £1 from each product (sold direct through this website on all products excluding ID Cards) to the Stroke Association (Registered Charity 211015 (England & Wales) SC037789 (Scotland).  Check out our charity page for more info or to find out how your charity can also raise funds by linking to us.

If you are taken ill or injured, carrying your ICE ID card could make all the difference – information saves time and lives.